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Charles River Discovery Divisions

Charles River Discovery globally is split into three divisions that clearly define our specialisms and they work collaboratively to provide a truly integrated drug discovery service to our clients worldwide. 

Our teams work seamlessly to achieve ambitious milestones day in day out, with the ultimate aim to create innovative drugs and therapies that will help patients' globally. Find out more below! 


Marijn Vlaming 

Executive Director, Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery



Chris Barnes

Executive Director,

Small Molecules Drug Discovery



JP Boutrand


Translational Pharmacology


Small Molecules Drug Discovery UK


We are always on the forefront of the next scientific and technological advancement. As our department continues to grow, we are looking to build next-generation capabilities and new business opportunities through:

  • Novel target classes and MoAs

  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning

  • Integrated pre-clinical projects

  • And future chemistry modalities


As we look to the future, Small Molecule Drug Discovery is focusing on optimising efficiency and developing deeper partnerships with the wider Charles River business to further offer more services to our clients both new and existing.

Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery UK & NL

Our Biotherapeutics drug discovery division is committed to making a direct impact and effecting change in patient health across the globe. We focus on discovery and development of advanced modalities, including cell and gene therapy, antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, and mRNA therapeutics to treat patients with unmet needs.

We continuously advance our models and technologies to ultimately improve success rates in the clinic.Working closely together with other divisions in Discovery and Safety, we support the drug discovery programs of our clients by providing end-to-end offerings as well as insourcing solutions at the client site. 


Translational Pharmacology US & EU 


Translational Pharmacology carries out studies that employ relevant animal and cellular models of human disease can deliver pharmacology efficacy data that accelerates your early research and proof-of-principle activities. Our team can help you select the best solution from our in vitro and in vivo models and assays, or collaborate to design a custom test system that meets the needs of your therapy and program.


Translational Pharmacology spans several sites across the US and Europe and is yet to be in the UK, you can find more information about this division here

Supporting our UK scientific divisions:
Operations and Core Functions UK

Our department works diligently to ensure all processes across the site and internationally, work as efficiently as possible. We partner and support Business Optimisation to continually improve what we do in Discovery.


Operations and Core Functions is a continually growing department, which offers our team members frequent opportunities to develop professionally. We partner and work on exciting project with departments like:

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Project Coordination

  • And many more

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