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Marijn Vlaming

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Executive Director, Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery

Marijn Vlaming is trained as a biomedical engineer and holds a PhD in Medicine from The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. After her PhD, she worked as a senior scientist at the research institute TNO. In 2015, Marijn moved to the biotech company Pluriomics (now Ncardia), where she was VP Technology. Since 2018, Marijn works at Charles River, where she currently holds the position of Executive Director, Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery and Site Lead, Leiden. 

Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery focuses on developing platforms and technologies which are required for early discovery research. The team members based in The Netherlands and the UK, are all involved in applying state of the art technologies such as in vitro disease biology including ADME, molecular biology, high throughput screening, high content imaging, structural biology, and bioinformatics for target and hit identification.

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