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What is a CRO (Contract Research Organisation)? 


A CRO provides complex integrated scientific solutions backed by years of expertise and solid data to drive research and development into novel therapeutic areas. 


CROs like Charles River provide support to and collaborate with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, delivering innovative science that has real impact on patients across the globe. We work with universities, support foundations, research institutions and governmental organisations globally to develop life-saving medicines and therapies.

Business Consultation

What is Drug Discovery

Essentially, drug discovery is the scientific process in which new drugs are identified from concept through to market. 

Our preclinical drug development scientists are skilled consultants with expertise across almost all therapeutic areas. They understand your requirements and can deliver preclinical development candidates that meet your target product profile.

With Charles River Discovery, our clients benefit from a knowledge-based approach to advancing compounds from hit identification through lead optimisation and into development.


Combining advanced technologies with decades of experience, our team consistently converts leads into candidates. In fact, we’ve delivered 94 candidates to partners so far, and the list continues to grow.


Eureka is the science blog of Charles River, a leader in the life sciences industry. Begun in 2012 as a place for our scientists and occasionally guest scientists to write about their cutting-edge preclinical research, Eureka has evolved into a multimedia platform that continually searches for creative ways to talk about the science, including breaking news science and the people behind it.

Take a look at our Discovery collection of blogs,  shining a light on the earliest stages of drug discovery, emphasising the value of deep up-front investigations. Read on to see how CADD, systems biology, structural biology, medical chemistry, pharmacokinetics, molecular genetics, immunology, and more are improving and advancing drug development.

Basic science, from medicinal chemistry to structural biology, has attracted some of the brightest minds in science, so it’s not too surprising that a number of those researchers have linked up outside the lab, too. How research couples have been able to successfully mix science and love and achieve a healthy work/life balance intrigued us, so we reached out to a couple at one of our Early Discovery sites to talk a bit about their professional and personal relationships. 

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Rare Disease Treatments Are Not So Rare These Days

"Thanks to research advances, my rare disease friends are real troopers, enjoying life"

Knowing someone with a rare disease is not so rare these days. Neither is the availability of new treatments and clinical trials.


PODCAST: A Royal Recognition for Mental Health

Charles River Discovery's senior client manager Brad Gartland experienced a great personal tragedy when his father took his own life in 2016. Driven by the loss, Brad worked to establish a safe place for men like his father to talk, helping them feel less alone. Listen now to learn how Brad's efforts caught the attention of the British Royal family.


Revolutionising Lipid Nanoparticle Analysis with Machine Learning

A discussion with cryo-EM expert Karl Bertram on how to apply machine learning to LNP analysis.

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First-of-its-Kind Crystal Structure

Ancient endogenous retroviral protein reveals surprising structural clues that can lead to development of novel therapies. Hear what Paul Wan, PhD. Paul Wan, PhD, leads the Protein Sciences, Biophysics and Structural Biology Group at Charles River Discovery. He has over 25 years of experience working in the field of drug discovery in both an academic and commercial setting.

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PODCAST: State of Oncology Report

Charles River Discovery experts Justin Bryans and Elizabeth Anderson join me for a spirited discussion of where we are now in oncology research. Could we ever see a world without cancer?

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