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The CRL Harlow site is located at Spire Green approximately 20 miles North East of London.

We currently have 105 staff on site with over 90 highly qualified scientists in the broad areas of chemistry and biology.  On average they have 18 years industrial experience with an average of 10 years within our organisation.  Working closely with its sister site in Saffron Walden (45 mins drive), the Harlow site provides in vitro drug discovery services for our Partner organisations.

Since its foundation, CRL Harlow has provided drug discovery services to multiple partners and these collaborations cover the spectrum from small, single discipline projects to fully integrated projects.

CRL Harlow has extensive experience of in vitro drug discovery including molecular biology, biochemical and cellular assay development, high-throughput screening, human blood derived primary cell-based assays, medicinal chemistry, complex synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry and computer-aided drug design and works cooperatively with the Saffron Walden site for ADME profiling, structural and the provision of compound libraries. In addition, Harlow also is home of the scale up, pharmaceutics and formulations teams that support projects nearing pre-clinical candidate nominations.

Together with our sister site in Saffron Walden, we have run around 300 small molecule projects in H2L and LO and invented over 80 pre-clinical candidates for our partner organisations.


We are reliant on our Partner company to tell us when compounds progress and so there may well be further compounds that have progressed into clinic that we are not aware of.  We have one compound that has reached the market, Belinostat, and a further 6 compounds that have reached Phase III. 

The CRL Harlow facility was acquired by CRL in April 2014 from Galapagos. Galapagos acquired Argenta in 2007 and continued to have it operate under the Argenta name.  We still have 6 of the original 25 staff that joined Argenta in 2000! 

Our main clients are mid-size pharma, Biotech, non-for-profit organizations and Academia.  More than 50% of our business originates from North America

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