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Leiden, Netherlands

​​​​​​​CRL Leiden is conveniently located nearby the center of Leiden, in the largest life science cluster of the Netherlands: Leiden Bio Science Park. From the Leiden facility we offer clients access to (high throughput) phenotypic screening in human (primary) cell based assays. We are well equipped to perform the development and/or optimization of basic and more complex cell biological or biochemical assays for reliable downstream testing of small or large molecules, oligonucleotides, siRNAs or gRNAs.




Our extensive experience allows us to run whole genome or large compound libraries for target identification as well as smaller target validation or mode-of-action studies. Assays can be fully customized upon request but we also offer a range of off-the-shelve assays for e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, fibrosis and immunology. Over the years we have been running a wide plethora of projects identifying both novel and established drug targets in a variety of disease areas such as oncology, neurology, inflammation/immunology, bone & joint diseases, cardiovascular/metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, rare and neglected diseases and infectious diseases.


The activities within these target discovery programs have provided the Leiden group with in-depth expertise both in developing and performing disease-relevant assays and in setting up complex, high quality screens.

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