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CADD & Predictive Sciences

Applying Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) and predictive modelling to guide project teams in their choice of which compounds should be synthesised and tested next within Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycles of drug discovery optimisation programs. 


CADD at Charles River Early Discovery

Our CADD & Predictive Sciences team are core members of drug discovery optimization programs within Charles River.  Applying computational modelling expertise in partnership with medicinal chemistry and structural biology colleagues makes a real impact on the progression of drug discovery projects from hit identification through to candidate nomination.


By joining our CADD & Predictive Sciences team you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of organisations across the globe, from charitable organisations and academic groups to biotech and major pharma, helping to bring much needed medicines to patients faster.


You will work on a wide range of drug discovery projects across different therapeutic areas and target classes at all stages of the drug discovery process, and you will have the opportunity to work with world class scientists in different disciplines from across the wider Charles River organisation.  With a strong culture of personal development, we will support you every step of the way as you progress your career at Charles River.


We believe that no other drug discovery organisation can offer such a rich and diverse array of development opportunities as you will find at Charles River.

Senior Scientist II

Grant Wishart_edited.jpg

Grant Wishart
Senior Director

I am a Senior Director in the Small Molecule Drug Discovery Division, and my responsibilities include leading the CADD & Predictive Sciences team and acting as scientific operations lead for our AI-based Logica partnership.

Charles Baker.jpg

Charles Baker-Glenn
Associate Director

I am an Associate Director in the Small Molecule Drug Discovery Division and my responsibilities include leading medicinal chemistry and integrated project teams. I am also responsible for managing the CADD & Predictive Sciences team, leading our AI partnership with Valence Discovery, and providing input into informatics areas within the business.

David Clark.jpg

David Clark
Senior Research Leader

I am a Senior Research Leader in CADD, having been a founding scientific member of Argenta (acquired by Charles River in 2014) in August 2000.  I provide CADD expertise across multiple projects, mentor the next generation of CADD scientists and lead Charles River’s development of predictive models.  

Meet Our CADD Leadership Team

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